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About us



Owner, Jim Swanson, has been involved in selling security in Omaha since 1965. “Our successes in this field we attribute to understanding that each customer has individual needs.” We do not have a “Package only” concept of marketing. With only one product and one price. Our sales people are taught to do what’s “best for the customer”. Every customer receives a full maintenance program, and an offer of local service with installers and service people with an average of 10 ½ years of experience.



 Webco Security's owner has been selling Security equipment since 1965! Webco Security has over 7,000 customers that have purchased Security Systems and or Surveillance Systems in the Omaha Trade area. Fair prices and custom equipment are the reason for customer satisfaction. 

BEST WARRANTIES Security System Service


 Customers receive a 100% Guarantee for 90 days. Then a “Free” maintenance program begins for as long as the customer utilizes Webco Security services. $25 trip fee matches the best maintenance offered by competitive companies.  

Surveillance System Service

100% service coverage

Webco Security offers 100% service coverage on both product and installation for 90 days. After 90 days for a period of 2 years from time of sale, customers within 25 miles of Omaha, pay only a $65.00 trip fee to have service issues resolved. If your business or residence is located more than 25 miles from Omaha, a $1.00 per mile trip fee surcharge will apply. After 2 years, if a product cannot be repaired and needs replacement, a 27% discount from retail will be offered for an exact or similar replacement, plus the $65.00 trip fee. (e.g. $50.00 outdoor housing…replacement cost $35.00). Guarantees do NOT cover losses to theft, wind, hail, vandalism or flagrant misuse.